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What other practitioners say:

"So easy and quick to learn!"
- JW - Ontario, Canada -

"I love the scoliosis work - it’s amazing!"
- LD - California, USA -

"The moves for head extension blow me away."
- KW - California, USA -

"The lumbar disc work saved me! Thank you for sharing."
- GB - Australia -

"Your work is very profound yet simple and straightforward!"
- PM - Oxford, UK -

"This stuff is so simple - I don’t believe it works so quickly."
- ST - Lancashire, UK -

"I love the work for pronated feet - it’s a game changer and made a big difference to so many people. Wunderbar!"
- SL - Germany -
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Dysfunction of the ankle joint is a major factor in muscular-skeletal problems and creates undesirable knock-on effects throughout the kinetic chain.

The feet are the foundation upon which the human body stands and contacts the earth. Any abnormal pressures or deviations will transmit unequal forces throughout the body.

Sports massage therapists:  stop working so hard on those ITB’s!  Throw away those foam rollers - and quit those painful massages that your clients dislike so much.

This tutorial helps you identify the actual level of lumbar disc involvement. The test I demonstrate is pretty much as accurate as an MRI scan!

The well known 'piriformis syndrome' is addressed by this work. This AoB procedure is also indicated for people with sciatica, tight glutes or outwardly rotated thighs.

Uneven shoulder height and limited trunk rotation are just two of the problems this quick and innovative QL work will address.

Very useful for certain cases of testicular and ovarian discomfort and pain. Extremely beneficial when nothing else is working. Also helpful for painful menstruation.

Many practitioners focus on a short leg when the pelvis appears out of balance. Anteriorly rotated pelvis (producing a functional long leg) is often not considered at all!

This work can be stunning! Observable changes can be seen and felt in only one session with mild to moderate scoliosis. (This is the same tutorial as listed in the UPPER BODY tutorial list - so don’t purchase twice!!)

Two applications are described in this tutorial: one for tight thigh adductors and the second is for venous congestion of the thigh and medial knee.

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