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What other practitioners say:

"So easy and quick to learn!"
- JW - Ontario, Canada -

"I love the scoliosis work - it’s amazing!"
- LD - California, USA -

"The moves for head extension blow me away."
- KW - California, USA -

"The lumbar disc work saved me! Thank you for sharing."
- GB - Australia -

"Your work is very profound yet simple and straightforward!"
- PM - Oxford, UK -

"This stuff is so simple - I don’t believe it works so quickly."
- ST - Lancashire, UK -

"I love the work for pronated feet - it’s a game changer and made a big difference to so many people. Wunderbar!"
- SL - Germany -

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is AoB for?

      • Massage therapists
      • Physical therapists
      • Myotherapists
      • Bowen practitioners
      • Emmett practitioners
         …in fact anyone involved in physical therapy work.
How do I learn?

Make a selection of either Upper or Lower Body techniques from the menu.
Then select any tutorial that you’re interested in and that you need help with.
For example you may need a really great method for releasing the Ilio tibial band, or the thigh adductors or correcting a scoliosis or to help with respiration and breathing.
Simply go the tutorial covering that topic, purchase your chosen topic and you will receive an email link* that enables you to view the video tutorial and the accompanying explanatory notes.
You will have online access to the tutorial for up to ONE month from the date of purchase**. You can watch them time and time again before you are ready to apply them to your patients.

* This is not an automated service. Be patient until we receive your confirmation email - remember we probably live in a different time zone to you! If you have not received your email link within 24 hours of purchase please email us at: office@artofbodywork.online

**  The link changes twice in a month - on the 1st and 15th of the month. To maximise your viewing time my tip is to purchase either on the 1st or 15th of the month. In that way you get most viewing time. E.g. if purchase on the 10th of the month - you will have up to the 15th to view your chosen tutorial. A second link is provided for you to watch until the end of the month. Your access time then ceases.
How do I know the tutorials will work?

You can buy with confidence - all these tutorials have been tried and tested for years in my clinic. They have been proved to work time and time again. When applied in the correct situation they will help you with so many of the problematic areas that just don’t seem to be not responding to the work you already know.
How much do the tutorials cost?

Prices vary depending upon the complexity and length of the tutorial. All are reasonably priced and will be useful for years to come! Many cost less that the average price of a single treatment fee but they all reflect the amount of time to produce the tutorial. Many hours of work go into even the shortest presentations.
Remember, the efficacy of the work is what makes the tutorials so valuable.
I don’t have a PayPal account. How can I make a purchase?

You do not need a PayPal account. You can use a credit card. Follow this link for help and advice how to pay with your credit card.
I paid for a video and haven’t received the link yet

  1. Check your SPAM or JUNK mail folder. Sometimes my email message to you will automatically be placed there.
  2. Please ensure you are checking the email account associated with your PayPal account - not a different email account.
  3. Check the SPAM email setting for your account to ensure you are not filtering out my messages. (If you don't know how to do that - Google it.)
  4. Your payment may need time to clear with PayPal (up to 24 hours in some cases) - especially if you’ve used a credit card to make your payment.
  5. Also remember I may be in a different time zone to you. I am in Central European Time (GMT+1) and so could even be asleep when you make the purchase.
Please be assured I will respond to you just as soon as I receive your payment confirmation!
I already did your AoB live class. Can I have a discount on these videos?

I saw the hit Broadway show ‘The Lion King’ in New York City. When I went to see it at the cinema, I expected a discount! Guess what happened? (Hope that answers your question.)

Do you offer a discount for your online tutorials

It is difficult to put a price on knowledge but we believe our pricing is very fair and reasonable.
So the price you see is the price you pay.

If I purchase all the videos at one time can you offer me a discount?

We do not recommend you purchase all the videos at one time.
Remember you only have one month of access time so it would be difficult to try and learn, understand, apply and test out in your clinic all my work in one month access time.
Instead we recommend selecting perhaps one or two videos per month and really understanding that work before moving onto the next subject you're interested in.
We think our pricing is very fair already as these skills will last you a lifetime.

Can I have a refund as I purchased the wrong video?

Videos are clearly marked. Take care when selecting your purchase. You should know exactly what you’re purchasing when you select the PayPal button. Therefore, no refunds are given on ANY purchase.
I don’t use the work you showed me very often. Can I have a refund please?

Are the tutorials available in different languages besides English?

We will be introducing new languages online. Watch out for updates.
Will you be making any more videos?

It might be possible in the future as I am continually working on new ideas. I have a separate website about the treatment I developed for scar tissue. See www.mstr-online.com for more details.
Can I contact you about a client of mine that isn’t responding?

I cannot give specific answers to clinical problems. I would need to have the client on a treatment table in front of me in order to give an informed answer and accurate advice.
I have listed the indications for using my work. If your client has an indication that is covered by one of my tutorials then perhaps that is the work they need. But there is no guarantee that will address their issue. There could be many factors that cause their back pain for example. I teach some of the techniques that may address their issue.

I can’t open the link you sent me. What do I do?

Please check you have the correct URL in your browser and that you have a good internet connection. The link I sent works. It has worked dozens of times for different people all over the world. If you have a problem please get advice. I am not the technical support guy for your computer or internet connection.

What video format do you use?

MPEG4. Most media players will open the file.

Are the videos difficult to follow?

If you are a professional bodyworker (massage therapist, physical therapist) all my tutorials should be pretty straightforward for you to follow and understand. For clarity I demonstrate my AoB techniques multiple times - sometimes from multiple angles.
Also, as you get access to the videos for up to a month (depending on when you make your purchase) you can keep reviewing the presentations as many times as you want!

Can I buy these videos outright?

No. You cannot purchase these tutorials outright. These are rented to you. Renting does not confer ownership of the material. You have ‘borrowed’ the information only. You do not own it and therefore cannot legally share this with anyone. All material is protected by international copyrights. Please act with integrity and honesty when renting your tutorial.

You sent me a refund but no link. Why?

I reserve the right to refuse any purchase without explanation.

How did you arrive at the pricing for each video?

Pricing is based on multiple reasons:
  1. How long the video took to shoot, edit and produce. It takes approximately 1.5 hours of work per one minute of completed video time. So a 10 minute video tutorial probably took around at least 15 hours of time to complete.
  2. How usable and vitally important this will be for you in your clinical practice
  3. How effective I have found this to be
  4. How long the actual procedure took to refine and develop - sometimes over years of clinic work
If I do a job in 10 minutes it is because it took me 30 years to figure out how to do it in 10 minutes. You are paying for the years not the minutes!

If I organise a class will you come and teach us personally?

Depending on my work schedule and your location it may be possible - but I cannot guarantee that I can do this. These tutorials have been produced to reduce the amount of time I spend travelling around the world. But email me if you wish to discuss the possibility.

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