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What other practitioners say:

"So easy and quick to learn!"
- JW - Ontario, Canada -

"I love the scoliosis work - it’s amazing!"
- LD - California, USA -

"The moves for head extension blow me away."
- KW - California, USA -

"The lumbar disc work saved me! Thank you for sharing."
- GB - Australia -

"Your work is very profound yet simple and straightforward!"
- PM - Oxford, UK -

"This stuff is so simple - I don’t believe it works so quickly."
- ST - Lancashire, UK -

"I love the work for pronated feet - it’s a game changer and made a big difference to so many people. Wunderbar!"
- SL - Germany -

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“Creativity is more than just being different.
Finding a new strategy and making the complex simple, that's creativity.”
- Alastair McLoughlin -

I developed my own style of bodywork for almost 40 years.

My creativity was fuelled by a need to problem solve.

When a patient didn’t respond - what was I missing? What was I not seeing? And like all good practitioners you have go and figure it out.

And when you’ve figured it out - you have to keep proving it, time and time again until you've refined it and you can rely on it.

Not everyone is creative or innovative and that’s why I made these tutorials which are now available to you.

You never know - these tutorials may spark your creative streak too.
Enjoy my work and have great success!

Alastair McLoughlin

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